Dog Love: This Is How You Show Your Dog That You Love Him

Trainer Partner, Hug Companion, and Best Friend: We love our dogs for many reasons. But what is the best way to show him this?

We enjoy kissing and hugging a loved dog. Some dogs feel pinched just by being hugged. It is best to approach slowly and follow the dog’s signals.

Dogs are naturally very fond of treats. Most of the time, however, you should use them as motivation and in training your dogs. Providing your dog’s love for you with treats alone is unhealthy in the long term – and ephemeral: in a matter of seconds, everyone can finally win your dog’s loyalty by pampering him with treats.

Better show your love for dogs with these tips:

Loving Look

Dogs communicate a lot through eye contact. When they look you in the eyes for a long time, this is a way of saying, “I love you.” On the other hand, you also evoke this feeling in dogs if you look them in the eyes for a long time. It has even been scientifically proven.

According to The Dog People magazine, the researchers found that friendly attitudes between humans and dogs in both of them release the “love hormone” oxytocin. But be careful, it matters whether you look your dog in the eye with love or anger.

Understand Your Dog’s Traits

Not sure if your affection will reach your dog? Then just watch his body language. Is he wagging his tail, seeking eye contact, or raising an eyebrow? Then your dog will show you his love. On the other hand, a pulled-in tail, wide eyes, and constant lip-licking are signs that your dog is uncomfortable.

Use a “Dog Voice”

Do you feel strange talking to your dog? There’s no reason for this: Research has shown that dogs understand human language better than expected. It also turned out that dogs like a high-pitched voice, into which many automatically fall. Four-legged friends are especially happy when they hear typical “doggy words” such as “treat,” “go for a walk,” or “okay.” The human voice soothes dogs so much that in some shelters they read aloud to nervous, shy, anxious, or agitated dogs to calm them down.

Kind Facial Expression

Our facial expressions show quite quickly how we feel. When you greet your dog with a friendly, relaxed expression, you show him that you are not angry with him.

To Cuddle

In dogs, the herd and hunting instinct is still dormant. This is why dogs love to play and move. Take a nap together on the couch or in the garden during the summer to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Dogs love the physical closeness and therefore love to cuddle with their owners.

Shoulder to Lean On

Another sign of a need for closeness: Your dog is leaning on you. You can carefully simulate this pose and show the dog that you like it.

Soft Touch

Just like loving gazing, touch releases oxytocin – in both humans and animals. Therefore, light massage, caress, and gentle brush strokes will bring real pleasure to your dog. Your dog loves gentle touching, especially on the ears, which have multiple neural pathways.

Take a Walk

Actually for granted: walk regularly. Dogs love routine, so a daily walk, combined with several training modules, is perfect for showing your dog that you love them. Shared experience builds trust and a sense of cohesion – just like in a real pack.

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Written by Mary Allen

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