The 10 Most Common Mistakes When Playing With Cats

From an early age, cats play with everything that moves. But when we play together, we can make a lot of mistakes. Read here what mistakes there are when playing with cats and what you should not do when playing with your cat.

Cats love to play. It is part of their natural predatory behavior to stalk prey, stalk and land a large catch. Interactive play with their humans is extremely important for cats, especially when kept indoors. There are a few rules to be observed.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Playing With Cats

But even when you’re having the most fun, you should always follow a few rules so that the gaming experience doesn’t end in the animal hospital, the emergency room or with a bored cat.

Game Rules for Kittens

No matter how cute the kitten is at first: Human hands and feet are not toys! Otherwise, you shouldn’t complain if the adult cat later wants to “fight” with its two-legged friend and you end up with bloody cat scratches that, in the worst case, can become seriously inflamed.

Toys Should Never Be Boring and Unattractive

After the game, felt mice & Co. should not simply be left lying on the floor, otherwise the toy could quickly become uninteresting for the cat. “New” on the other hand remains exciting! When it comes to toys, it’s best to swap them over and over again.

Extreme Caution When Handling Laser Pointers

The laser pointer may be a trending toy among cat owners, but the laser beam can cause significant retinal damage. Therefore, please – if at all – only aim the laser pointer at the ground during the game, but never hold it at eye level!

Do Not Let Smelly Toys “Evaporate”.

Valerian and Catnip mice are really “fragrant” for cats! Put it in a sealed container after playing, otherwise the smell will dissipate and the toy will become less interesting for the cat.

No Cheaply Made Toys

Loose small parts of cheap cat toys can be swallowed by the cat, used (glue) materials could be harmful to them. Quality over quantity is also very important when it comes to cat toys!

Balls of Yarn and String Are Dangerous

In the heat of the moment, there is a risk of strangulation when playing with wool and string. Attention also with the fishing rod: After the game, the fishing rod should be tidied up so that the line does not pose a danger to the cat.

Paper Bag Handles Have to Come Off

Cats love crackling paper bags! But please remove or cut the handles – otherwise the cat could get caught on it if it suddenly starts running while playing. Plastic bags are generally taboo.

Too Many Treats While Playing are Not Good for You

A treat every now and then during play is fine! But too much reward is counterproductive. The cat primarily only plays to get snacks, and in the long run bacon reduces the cat’s fitness.

However, if you feed them dry food, you can combine play and feeding. Let your cat chase the kibble, hide it in different places so she has to move to get the food – or make a snuffle mat or other food games that the cat has to paw the food out of.

Homemade Toys Must Be Safe

If possible, staples, nails, glue or wire should not be used when making cat toys. If the scratching post needs to be repaired, please do so in such a way that the cat cannot injure itself! New furnishings or cat toys should also be checked carefully for the risk of injury.

Playing With Old Cats

Cat seniors can no longer and do not want to play as wildly and often as they used to. Nevertheless, they need play units in which their attention and mobility are required. That keeps them fit and healthy.

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