The 5 Most Common Mistakes In Scratching Posts

The scratching post is indispensable, especially for indoor cats as an adventure playground and place of retreat. But there are a few things to consider. You should definitely avoid these five mistakes.

Wrong location

If your house tiger only has its own four walls to romp around, you should provide it with a small personal climbing frame in the form of a scratching post. This allows him to live out his natural scratching and climbing instincts.

However, to ensure that the new purchase is actually accepted, you have to be careful when choosing the installation location.

Make sure that the scratching post is in a room where there are people. Cats are very sociable and inquisitive animals that like to be observed – especially when they feel like climbing and playing.

A window is also welcome, after all, Miezi can watch the exciting world outside from an exciting height. In summer you can even put the scratching post on the balcony if you have secured it with a cat net.

You should also keep a certain distance from other furniture, after all, you certainly want to avoid the cupboard or sofa becoming part of the climbing paradise. There is also a risk of injury if your darling tries to jump somewhere where there is not enough support.

Lack of hygiene

A scratching post should be cleaned regularly. Eventually, your big-eyed predator romps on it, leaving some hair and dirt behind. Of course, you can’t just put such a huge climbing tree in the washing machine. So here are a few tips:

Superficial pollution

Here it is enough to vacuum the scratching post. So you can remove especially hair well. You should also be able to easily brush out a bit of dirt. If you do this regularly, your cat will feel right at home in his climbing garden.

Heavier pollution

Above all, if your darling has additional freedom, it can happen that the scratching post soon no longer shines in all its glory. After all, your cat sometimes brings a lot of dirt with it from outside.

Here you should not be afraid to grab water and washing powder and rub the soiled areas. Under no circumstances should you use strong-smelling agents, otherwise your velvet paw will soon choose the sofa as its new playground and avoid the scratching post that smells of detergent.

If the tree is covered with fabric, you can usually simply remove it and clean it in the washing machine. Make sure that you use a detergent that is as odorless as possible.

If a part of the scratching post is damaged or simply cannot be cleaned, you can usually reorder the part from larger manufacturers and easily replace it. So you don’t need a completely new tree right away.

Wrong model

When buying a scratching post, the focus should not be on its design or color. Of course, it is nice if the cat oasis fits perfectly into your living room, but other criteria should take precedence. Much more important are B. a stable stand and optimal climbing and playing opportunities.

The right height is also an important point: young cats are often already 50 cm to 70 cm high, and everything else tends to overwhelm your junior. For large and, above all, heavy cats, you should buy a taller model and, to be on the safe side, weigh it down or anchor it to the wall.

If you have several cats, you can also build a great play center out of several trees, with something for everyone.

Wrong material

The right material is much more important than the visual criteria. For example, some cats do not like the sisal straps, which are particularly popular with the tribe.

Fluffy covers are also a matter of taste: Some amateur gymnasts prefer them hard. So before you buy, pay attention to where your cat likes to lie and use this to derive which scratching post could be ideal for them.

Although scratching posts are usually harmless, you should still find out before you buy whether the materials of your desired model are harmless. Go for natural materials rather than plastic, even if it’s easy to clean.

Incorrect equipment

The selection of scratching posts is immense. With so many models, it is not easy to make the right decision. However, there are a few simple points you can use to help you identify the perfect model for you and your cat.

The most important thing about the scratching post is the opportunity to scratch, which gives it its name. So look for a model with a good claw sharpening facility that your cat can easily reach. Ideally, this saves you from having to take care of your claws.

A retreat in the form of a cave or tunnel is also ideal. If the tree is in a room where there is always something going on, your darling should also have the opportunity to take a break in between.

Such a cave is also an ideal place for a cozy nap. In addition, the scratching post should offer a varied mix of lying boards and climbing opportunities. Just use the size and movement preferences of your little mouse catcher as a guide.

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