5 Amazing Facts About Black Cats

Black cats always seem mysterious. And they are, too, because you certainly didn’t know these things.

Very special magic emanates from black cats: their dark fur stands for mysticism and elegance in equal measure.

But the visual fascination that black cats exert is not all. These are the things you probably didn’t know about the Blackheads!

Black cats are often feared

People who have never been acquainted with a black cat tend to be wary of them, and others are even downright afraid of the dark velvet paws.

The fear of black cats dates back to the Middle Ages when they were considered to be relatives of witches. One was sure: They bring bad luck!

And even today it is actually the case that the dark fur of cats or tomcats causes discomfort, if not fear, in some people.

Some black cats aren’t actually black

Not every mini cougar is actually black. Some cats and tomcats appear in the light e.g. B. slightly rust-colored.

The reason for this can be found in genetics or genetics:

  • If two black animals with a dominantly inherited black fur color mate, the kittens will also be pure black throughout.
  • However, if a parent animal carries the system, e.g. B. for recessive red in itself, this exact color can not be obvious, but well revealed in telltale light.

Black cats are considered good luck charms

A black cat crossing the street is considered by many superstitious people to be a bad, even a sure sign of bad luck. But in some cultures it’s the other way around: there, black cats and tomcats are considered lucky charms. In both Asia and Britain, a black cat is associated with good luck.

However, the rules of superstition z. T. confused: While in Yorkshire, Britain, owning a black cat is considered a guarantee of good luck, but here, too, it is considered a sign of bad luck if one crosses your path.

The Bombay cat is the only cat breed with exclusively black animals

Many cat breeds also have black animals and correspond to the breed standard. The Bombay is a little different: only black cats and tomcats are allowed in the breed standard.

This fact is the result of decades of breeding efforts in which the small, jet-black mini panthers were bred. Golden or copper-colored eyes also give the Bombay cat a fascinating look. Therefore, the Bombay cat rightly belongs to the cats with the most beautiful eyes.

Black is the most disliked coat color in cats

It’s not just a rumor: black cats tend to wait a lot longer at shelters for a new home than lighter or more colorful members of their species.

The subliminal fear may have an influence here and make mediation less successful. Furthermore, brighter or more colorful animals appear friendlier and thus more likely to inspire trust.

So there is some truth to black cats and bad luck, but unfortunately, it hits the poor furry balls themselves. So if you’re thinking of adopting a cat or tomcat, why not take a closer look at the black darlings?

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