The 10 Biggest Dangers For Cats In The Home

Tilting windows, stovetop, washing machine: There are also many dangers lurking for cats indoors. Here you will find the 10 biggest sources of danger for cats and how you can minimize the risk of accidents in the house.

Safety comes first, especially in a cat household! Road traffic is still the greatest source of danger for outdoor cats – but there are also many dangers lurking in your own four walls for cats that are only indoors. Read here what you should pay particular attention to in order to avoid accidents at home.

The 10 Biggest Dangers For Indoor Cats

Accidents involving these objects are particularly common in cats – but in most cases, they can be avoided.

Washing Machine as a Place to Sleep

In the eyes of our cats, washing machines are perfect caves in which they can hide or take a nap. Before locking the door and starting the wash cycle, always make sure the drum is cat-free.

Burns From Hot Plates and Irons

Stoves, irons, and other household appliances that generate heat and heat should never be left unattended. The cat quickly jumped onto the ironing board, which can quickly burn its paws.

Cuts From Decoration

The decoration is nice, but unfortunately also annoying for most cats. Vases often get in the way when romping, sometimes they even invite cats to paw them on the ground. Broken glass can cause nasty cuts in cats.

Tilt Window

The bottom-hung window is a mean trap for our cats. Especially in the warm season, we like to open the windows to let in some fresh air. Sometimes we just flip it. Cats are curious and sometimes they just can’t contain their urge for freedom. Attempting to get outside through the tilted window often ends fatally. Special grids can prevent this.

Open Cabinets and Drawers

Our cats are magically attracted to cupboards and drawers. On the one hand, the clothes in it smell like us, on the other hand, cats can doze there completely undisturbed. But if the door or drawer is firmly closed, the animal is trapped and can panic. Please always make sure that your cat has not sneaked past you on the sly and locked up.

Poisonous Houseplants

Plants and flowers decorate our apartments. But as beautiful as they are, they can be dangerous to our cats. They like to nibble on greens, such as cat grass. Sometimes they don’t make a difference here and approach plants that are poisonous to them. Before buying plants, check whether they are safe for your pet. In addition to plants, oils such as tea tree oil are also toxic to cats!

Small Parts That Could Be Swallowed

Paper clips, ear studs, and other small items lying around are coveted play objects for cats. In the heat of the moment, these can be swallowed by the animal. Be careful that such things are inaccessible.

Full Bath and Open Toilets

Bathtubs, buckets, and other large containers filled with water should not be made accessible to the cat. The risk of cats slipping and ending up in the tub or upside down in the bucket is far too great. You have nowhere to hold on and drown. Never leave deepwater unattended.

Toxic Cleaning Products

Cleaning agents and detergents belong in a locked cupboard. As with small children, household cleaning products should never get into the hands or paws of pets. There is an acute risk of poisoning.

Shopping and Garbage Bags

Paper bags and plastic bags are coveted hiding places for our cats. Plastic bags should never be provided to them as there is a choking hazard. The handles of paper bags should always be cut off. Cat’s paws can get caught in it or the head can even get stuck in it.

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