Qualities That Make A Good Cat Owner

Find out which qualities your cat particularly appreciates in you – and which behavior you should rather avoid.

Living with a cat presents the owner with a number of challenges. A scratching post and at least one litter box per cat must be integrated into the home, you are responsible for species-appropriate nutrition, health and sufficient activity. And in order for the cat to really like you, your own character must also be right. Read here which qualities cats particularly love in people – and which ones they really dislike.

Cats Love These 10 Human Qualities

The more of these personality traits that apply to you, the more likely it is that your cat really loves you.

I Am Fair

Fairness is particularly important when dealing with cats. Your own whims and mood swings should never be left out on the cat. The welfare of the cat should always come first.

I Am Consistent

Consistent behavior is especially important for cats so they understand what they can and can’t do. For many cat owners, this starts with the question of whether the cat is allowed to sleep in the bed or not.

I Am Imaginative

Cats are very curious and need new incentives and adventures, especially if they are kept indoors. The more imaginative you are, the more varied you can make your cat’s everyday life.

I Am Patient and Calm

Calmness and patience are essential when dealing with cats. The more relaxed you remain in stressful situations such as vet visits, the less bad they are for your cat.

I Am Domestic

Cats are very social animals and don’t like to be alone all day. So if you also like being at home and are actively involved with your cat, this will make your bond even closer.

I Am Imaginative

A new toy, caves, catwalks, a homemade scratching post – cat owners only benefit from a wealth of ideas. You can also find ideas for more variety in everyday cat life here.

I Am Loving

Cats need to be spoken to and given loving attention. With appropriate socialization, they are very affectionate and people-oriented. Some breeds of cats, such as the Sacred Birman, are particularly attached to their human.

I Am Routine Oriented

Fixed feeding times, playing and cuddling rituals: cats love a routine routine. On the other hand, you can only deal poorly with change. Some cats get completely confused by a new piece of furniture.

I Am Gentle

Cats are delicate and sensitive creatures. At the ends of the whiskers are many nerve cells that register even the smallest air currents. Gentle handling of cats is therefore essential.

I Am A bit Messy Sometimes

Cats’ natural curiosity is best satisfied with slightly messy people. A jumper carelessly thrown on the floor offers the cat a new cuddly bed, a blanket over the chair an exciting cave.

Cats Hate These 10 Human Qualities

Not everyone has only good character traits. Here are 10 behaviors cats dislike in humans.

I Am Often Absent

Cats are very social animals. If you are often away from home for several hours, you should definitely keep two cats. It is also just as important to consciously pay attention to the cat.

I Am Rough

Cats can’t stand rough handling. Grabbing a cat roughly, carrying it by the scruff, or holding it against its will destroys the cat’s trust in the long run.

I Am Frantic

Frantic behavior is very irritating for cats, especially when it is a daily occurrence. Fast and loud running back and forth in the apartment, clattering, loud noises are too exciting for most cats.

I Am Often Hysterical

Screeching, shrill laughter, loud noises – cats can’t stand any of that. For cat ears, the sounds are even louder. The cat will withdraw more and more and prefer to avoid contact with humans.

I Am Inconsistent

Cats cannot understand inconsistency. Cats don’t understand exceptions that might make sense to humans. Inconsistent behavior destroys the cat’s trust in the long run, as it simply cannot assess what it is allowed to do and what not.

I Am Cool

Cats are very affectionate and social. You need human contact. Most love extended cuddles and cuddles. Someone who does not enjoy stroking the velvety cat fur should not hold a cat.

I Am Loud

Cats hear extremely well. Loud noises from music and television or screaming startle the cat. If it is a bit noisy, the cat should definitely have a quiet room to which it can withdraw.

I Am Orderly

Order with all due respect – but cats find a sterile household pretty boring in the long run. Feel free to jump over your shadow and leave the sweater from the day before on the floor when you leave the house. Your cat will be happy.

I Am Very Fond Of Travelling

Cats are very territorial. In contrast to dogs, traveling with a cat is rather difficult. So if you prefer to travel every weekend or plan long vacations often, you should not choose a cat as a pet.

I Am Overprotective

Concern and care in dealing with the cat are essential. But with all love, you have to accept the cat for what it is – an animal with its own needs and requirements that differ from those of a human being.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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