The 10 Best Pekingese Tattoo Ideas That Show Your Love

According to tradition, Buddha was accompanied by small lion puppies, which turned into lions in front of enemies. Porcelain and jade figurines bear witness to a centuries-old tradition. The Peking palace dogs experienced their heyday in the Manchu Dynasty (1644-1912), from which many beautiful depictions of typical Pekingese have survived.

They were bred with great care and especially revered by the last ruler. It was unthinkable that a European, known as the “white devil”, could own such a dog. When diplomacy ordered it to be given away, the dog died of fed broken glass before it reached its destination.

When the English conquered Beijing in 1860, they found 5 of the coveted puppies in the palace. Queen Victoria received one as a gift. Since then, the Pekingese have become an integral part of the English dog scene. The first copies appeared in Germany in 1900.

In character, the Pekingese is more like a cat than a dog, say many of his friends. In fact, the little dog is very self-confident, daring, willful, and never submissive. Friendly, affectionate, and cuddly, when he feels like it, he doesn’t give his affection to just anyone.

The small, quiet lion is surprisingly quick-tempered and combative at times but doesn’t have a great need to run. More of a one-man dog and less of a family dog.

The protruding large eyes are sensitive, the short nose causes shortness of breath. The lush coat of hair requires extensive care.

Below you will find the 10 best Pekingese dog tattoos:

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