That’s Why Cats Love Lying On Their Laptops

Cats have a penchant for curling up on the laptop or computer keyboard. Read here why they do this and how you can counteract it.

Every cat owner knows the problem: as soon as you sit down at work, open your laptop and start typing, it doesn’t take long for the cat to appear. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, many cat owners have been working more and more in the home office – and suddenly have one more fluffy colleague who would like to take up space on the keyboard.

Read here why cats like to do this so much and how you can get the cat to come up with other ideas.

3 Reasons Cats Love Laptops


There are probably three reasons why cats prefer to lie down on their laptop or computer keyboard.

Your Cat Seeks Your Attention

Cats notice exactly what we focus our attention on. If we look at the computer all the time and type on the keyboard, they like to crowd in as if to say, “Hello, I’m there too, you better take care of me.”

If your cat is trying to get more attention, it can be helpful to take regular, short breaks from play to give the cat your full attention. A few minutes are enough.

Your Cat Enjoys the Warmth

Many laptops start to hum slightly in continuous operation and get warm. Cats perceive this sound much more clearly than we do. They also find the slight warmth pleasant and therefore like to sit down on the laptop. If your cat enjoys this warmth, you can fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water and place it under your cat’s favorite blanket.

Cats Like to Sit on Rectangles

Cats seem to be magically attracted to squares. Of course, the laptop and keyboard are also rectangles. It is assumed that cats regard the surface as a safe space, similar to a cardboard box, and are therefore particularly happy to settle there.

So the Cat Lets Go of the Laptop

Of course, concentrated work with a cat that keeps trying to jump onto the keyboard is difficult. Here are some things you can do to ensure your cat lets you work in peace:

  • Take regular breaks from playing to give the cat your full attention.
  • Instead of feeding kibble from the bowl, throw it around the apartment.
  • Remain friendly but firm, and consistently pick the cat up on the ground whenever it approaches the laptop.
  • Surprise your cat regularly with new toys, a box, a small den, etc. Change the cat toy regularly to keep it exciting for the cat.
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