Stop It, I Hate This! The 14 Biggest Don’ts in a Cat Household

From now on, consideration is a priority! Make your apartment a “disturbing factor-free” zone for your cat and give it a home where it can really feel good! Cats hate these 14 things.

In the everyday life of cats there is sometimes something that bothers them. They usually point it out with flattened ears and an uncertain look or try to leave. However, if the cat owner does not notice these signs for a long time, in the worst case this can lead to “problematic behavior” in the cat, e.g. uncleanliness or scratching on furniture. It is therefore up to us to eliminate these disruptive factors for our cat as quickly as possible!

Changes? No Thank You!

Whether there is an addition to the family, a new partner, a move or a different scratching post – changes always require a change in cats. And especially sensitive cats are often not happy about it.

Tip: Be patient. Get your cat used to the new situation step by step and offer it a transitional alternative if necessary. For example, leave the old scratching post in place until your cat dares to use the new tree.

Unclean Litter Box? Ugh!

The litter box should be clean and odor-free at all times. If this is not the case, it may be that the cat refuses the toilet and does its business right next to it. Because housebreaking is essentially linked to a clean litter box!

Tip: Clear the litter box of small and large clumps at least twice a day. Also clean the toilet bowl regularly.

Inner Conflicts? I’m Not Your Psychologist!

Cats are good for us. This is also proven by a study by the psychologist Professor Dr. Reinhold Berger. He found that cat owners need less psychotherapeutic help and are better able to cope with the problem than people without a cat in serious crises such as unemployment or the loss of a partner. Nevertheless, a cat owner who is constantly sad and desperate can burden his cat with it!

Tip: Accept your cat’s help – allow yourself to be comforted and, with your cat’s support, start looking positively into the future.

Persistent Boredom? How Dull!

Cats can be lonely and shouldn’t be left alone all day. Even if you have two cats and travel a lot or work, you should set aside at least an hour for your cats every day. Too little work and boredom not only make you unhappy, they also give cats stupid ideas.

Tip: If you are away from home for a long time, you should find a cat sitter or ask neighbors and friends to visit the cat. Provide your cat with activities that it can use without you (e.g. climbing facilities, fiddle board, sniffing pad…)

A Little Louder Today? I Hate Noise!

Psst, not so loud! Cat ears are very sensitive. The animals perceive far quieter and higher sounds than humans. They even hear high-frequency noises of up to 65,000 Hertz. Humans, on the other hand, only hear up to a frequency of 18,000 Hertz. So avoid as much noise as possible.

Tip: If you want to listen to music loud, you should use headphones.

Rough Handling? That’s Where the Fun Stops!

No one likes to be handled roughly or clumsily, including cats. However, if your visitor lacks practice handling a cat, you can act as a role model. The same applies to children who have contact with the cat.

Tip: Always convey that you have to be as gentle with a cat as she is with herself.

Completely Overwhelmed! What Shall I Do?

There are situations that overwhelm cats – even if there is no “visible reason” for us at this moment. For example, a cat can get scared when bright children are visiting. The cause here often lies in a lack of experience. Now it’s time to show your instincts: Don’t put your cat under any pressure.

Tip: Arouse understanding among third parties as well. Explain to the children that the cat will come to them whenever and when it wants. Always give the cat a place to retreat.

Troublemakers? I’m Sleeping

Admittedly, cats are sleepyheads. They sleep and dream an average of 15 to 20 hours a day – seniors and kittens even more. They should not be disturbed or woken up, especially during the deep sleep phase. Because now your body releases hormones that are important for cell renewal and support the immune system. This is how cats stay healthy and fit!

Tip: Use the time and take a little break yourself.

Unsuccessful Game? That’s Not Fun!

Play and hunting are directly related for cats. As with hunting, it is important for them to be successful at play – to be able to hold something in their paws. Otherwise the cat will quickly lose the pleasure of playing.

Tip: Let your cat catch the toy (e.g. the feather rod) from time to time! Also avoid playing with a laser pointer. Here the cat cannot “catch” anything and therefore has no sense of achievement.

Scold? Does Absolutely Nothing!

Scolding leads to nothing and is often unjustified. After all, a cat has no intention of annoying its owner by breaking something or peeing on the carpet. In addition, the cat does not associate the scolding with its behavior if time has passed between them. It is important to keep a cool head and consider what may have led to this behavior.

Tip: get to the bottom of the cause and get rid of it for your cat. Violence and shouting has no place in dealing with the cat.

Loud Conflicts? I Have Nothing to Do With That!

Noise and disharmony – cats don’t like both at all. But a loud argument does just that. He unsettles cats and scares them. Even worse: sometimes cats feel addressed and think they are being scolded.

Tip: From time to time a fight is unavoidable. However, always think of your cat. Try to stay calm. Or leave the room.

New Rules? Why That?

Today like this and tomorrow like this – how am I supposed to understand that? A question cats would certainly ask their humans when it comes to new rules. When it comes to prohibitions, limit yourself to what your cat can comply with and what is really important to you, and then stick to the rules consistently. It confuses the cat, for example, if it is allowed to sleep in the bed one day and suddenly not anymore the next. Bans that affect natural needs should not exist. For example, a cat may not be prevented from romping around for physical exertion.

Tip: Establish rules before the cat moves in – and then stick to them.

Smells? That Pisses Me Off!

Do you find every scent pleasant? No? Neither do cats. Above all, they cannot stand penetrating smells such as freshly applied perfume, vinegar, smoke or strong-smelling room fresheners. Understandable when you consider that their nose has ten times more smell-sensitive cells than a human’s.

Tip: If you really want to use a room fragrance, you should opt for a subtle scent. Room fragrance sticks are suitable for this. But be careful: please place the diffuser in a place that your velvet paw cannot reach under any circumstances.

Sterile Apartment? How Uncomfortable!

Cats love it clean, but they find “sterile” apartments, in which there is little furniture and nothing standing around, boring. There is nothing to discover here and there are no good places to hide.

Tip: Leave a dirty sock lying around.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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