That’s Why Cats Love To Lie In The Sink

Does your cat often lie in the sink? Don’t be surprised, because there are five good reasons why your sweetheart is settling in right there.

It is in the nature of cats to take great care in choosing a place where they are really comfortable. We humans would probably go for the couch or a cozy cat bed.

But far from it: Occasionally, cats particularly like unusual places, which can only make cat lovers smile.

The cat decides conspicuously often that the washbasin is optimally suited for a long relaxing stay. But why actually?


If you look at the shape of a sink, you’ll see that it’s perfect for a cat to snuggle up to. Anatomically, your cat will find the shape in a sink that provides the most support for its spine when lying down.


The position of the sink within the room is just as important. It is an elevated and safe place from which the cat has a good view.

From an evolutionary point of view, house tigers feel safe and protected at heights. They have this in common with their wild relatives, such as tigers or pumas.

Point of contact

If you and your cat are a good team and the bond is right, your cat will muster every strength and energy to have as much contact with you as possible.

Cats’ powers of perception and observation are amazing. For example, if your cat waits for you in the sink in the morning, it could be an indication that she has figured out your morning routine and identified this spot as a meeting point and opportunity for an early snuggle session. Enjoy the attention of your four-legged friend!

Cooling down

The opportunities to cool off on hot summer days are few and far between for purring four-legged friends. The often water-shy roommates are afraid of cool water and therefore like to choose shady places on hot days.

The sink is one of these places and is particularly pleasantly cool on warm summer days thanks to the porcelain. So don’t be surprised if you often find your four-legged friend in the sink on hot days.

Cats are very sensitive and perceive their environment much more intensely than we humans do. Chemicals and impurities can deter them. They also recognize the quality of freshness and purity. Therefore, many cats like to drink from the tap or a drinking fountain and prefer to stay at or in the sink.


If this is also the case with your cat, you can be sure that your tap water is of excellent quality.

So there are many reasons for the preferred place in the washbasin. So don’t worry and simply consider your cat’s behavior as an individual wellness program.

We wish you and your cat all the best!

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