Terrarium: What You Should Know

A terrarium is a glass box for animals and plants. The terrarium is something similar to an aquarium, but not for fish, but for other animals. Depending on which animals are to live in it, the terrarium looks different. The word terrarium comes from the Latin word “terra” which means land or earth.

The terrarium is named after the landscape that is being recreated. In a desert terrarium, for example, the animals should feel like they are in a desert. Such a terrarium is needed for animals that live in nature in deserts. There can also be areas with water in the terrarium: this is then an aqua terrarium.

If you build a terrarium, you want to keep animals in the house. These are special animals that cannot simply live in the apartment. They would die or damage the apartment. Some animals are even dangerous to humans, like some species of snakes and spiders.

You can also see terrariums in zoos and pet shops. You often want to keep animals separate from each other, so you don’t put them in a single, large enclosure. They could eat each other up. Some terrariums are also there for quarantine: the animal is separated from others for a certain period of time. One observes whether the animal is sick.

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