Pond: What You Should Know

A pond is a small body of water in which water does not flow. It is no more than 15 meters deep. Ponds are created by people. You either dig a hole yourself or use an existing deep spot. Fill the hole or deep spot with water.

Ponds used to be created primarily to have fresh water or to breed fish and then eat them. The fire brigade uses a fire-fighting pond to quickly get water for their pumps. Today, however, most ponds are ornamental: they make a garden look nicer. In addition, ponds attract plants and animals.

When you think of pond plants, you think of water lilies, rushes, marsh marigolds, and cattails. Typical fish in the fish pond are carp and trout and in the garden pond goldfish and koi. Other animals on and in the pond are frogs and dragonflies and many more.

In a pond, it can happen that too many plants and algae grow. That would bog him down. If too much soil gets into the pond, it will silt up. That’s why a pond needs care so that the water stays fresh and doesn’t stink.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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