Seagull: What You Should Know

Seagulls are a bird family. There are many genera and species of them. They all have long, narrow, pointed wings and strong, slender beaks. They have webbed feet between their toes. They are available in white gray to black. They let out loud screams.

Gulls are found almost everywhere in the world, but mostly in temperate or cold climates. They live on coasts or on lake shores. They can fly excellently, especially in strong winds. They sail above the water and suddenly shoot down to catch a fish in the water. However, they also steal prey from each other’s beaks while in flight.

Seagulls eat everything they can find: fish, crabs, and other small sea creatures, but also mice. In addition, they also like garbage or carrion, these are dead animals. Some gull species also eat worms and insects. Others can even drink salt water. They excrete the salt and expel it through the nostrils.

Most gulls build their nests on the ground. Few species do this by taking niches in the rocks. Gulls always breed together in colonies. The female lays two to four eggs. Both parents take turns incubating for three to five weeks.

After hatching, the chicks can walk and swim immediately. But they mostly stay in the nest. There they are fed by both parents. They learn to fly between three and nine weeks. Then they can live to be around 30 years old.

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