Moth: What You Should Know

True moths are certain families of butterflies. They are small to medium in size and have narrow, fringed wings. The real moth has atrophied proboscises. Some of them are major pests of commodities such as the dried fruit moth or the flour moth. Others infest things we need, like the clothes moth or the cork moth. Many people also refer to moths as moths, i.e. butterflies that usually rest during the day.

As butterflies, moths have wings with scales. However, the front wings are very narrow and lie close to the body. The hind wings are much wider and folded underneath. It’s only when the moth flies and unfolds its wings that you can see that it’s a butterfly. The larvae hatch from the eggs. These caterpillars sometimes cause considerable damage. That is why the pest controller often has to be called to get rid of them.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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