Predators: What You Should Know

Predators hunt, kill and eat other animals. They mainly feed on them. All predators are mammals. Their prey is mostly animals with a skeleton and a spine, i.e. vertebrates. One group of predators is related to cats, and the other to dogs. They are found almost all over the world.

The feline family includes the hyena and all felines such as the lion, tiger, cougar, leopard, and many others. Canines include dogs, bears, walruses, martens, and a few more.

In science, the predatory animals are called “Carnivora”. This comes from the Latin words “flesh” and “devour”, so they devour flesh. However, this is not always true: the bear eats almost everything it finds. The panda bear mainly eats bamboo leaves and is only rarely a small vertebrate.

The predators share certain characteristics. Above all, this requires strong teeth so that they can kill and shred their prey. Because they usually only eat meat, they have short intestines. In addition, everyone has a rather large brain.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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