Rats: What You Should Know

Rats are a genus of rodents. There are over 60 different types of rats. In addition, other small rodents are sometimes referred to as rats, although they do not belong to this genus.

The most widespread is the brown rat, from which today’s rats, which we keep as pets, are descended. They enjoy living together and are very smart. They can smell, hear and see well in low light. The tail is important for the rat. It is slightly hairy and serves as a kind of antenna with which the rat scans its surroundings. They can also support themselves with it or keep their balance.

Many people fear rats, others love rats. Some even have a pet rat, these particular rats are called pet rats but are very rare.

Brown rats that live outdoors feel very comfortable around people because they can easily find food there. For example, they stay in sewers because they find leftover food there. Many people flush them down the toilet, but that’s why you shouldn’t do it. In the past, these animals ate grain from the granaries.

Rats are very shy animals, don’t be afraid, they quickly withdraw when they meet people. But you shouldn’t touch them either, as they transmit diseases.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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