Nature and Temperament of Phalene

The Phalene belongs to the Continental Toy Spaniel breed and is perfect as a beginner’s dog. At first glance, one might think that he is not very demanding given his size and build. However, it is often underestimated.

The Phalene is content with short walks around the block. However, he much prefers to be out and about in nature for a long time and loves varied and extensive laps with his family. This also shows its character as an absolute family dog. He always wants to be connected and doesn’t like it at all when he has to be alone for a long time.

Tip: If a Phalene is an option for you as a dog, you should arrange who can look after the dog when you are not at home before you buy it. Staying alone for a long time while you work is not possible with this breed of dog.

The Phalene loves a lot of action, turns up the heat quickly, and is available for every game. However, he can also relax well in quiet phases and leave his family alone. Therefore, even small apartments do not bother him if he is extensively occupied outside.

The Phalene is very child-friendly as long as the children are not too pushy and play quietly with him. He is also absolutely compatible and unproblematic with other pets or dogs.

Despite its size, the Phalene should not be underestimated. It is by no means a breed that just wants to be carried around all the time. He has the same needs as a big dog.

If spoiled too much, he can switch quickly and become an absolute barker. He also has a certain waking instinct in his genes. If you don’t deal with him enough or don’t set him any limits, he will find his own tasks and start guarding the apartment.

Did you know that besides the phalene there is also the papillon? This has the same breed characteristics and also belongs to the Continental Miniature Spaniel breed. However, compared to the Phalene, the Papillon has long, hairy erect ears. It was first discovered in 1750.

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