Nature and Temperament of the Azawakh

The Azawakh is a loyal but independent dog. If he has recognized you as the pack’s leader, he will be a reliable and affectionate friend. In doing so, he will keep his own will and show his qualities as a hunting and guard dog.

The hunting instinct of the Azawakh is strong. This can be traced back to the fact that the Tuareg have been using it for many years as a hunting dog for small animals such as rabbits, but also for larger animals such as gazelles or wild boars.

Note: The Tuareg are an African people located in the Sahara. The Tuareg, who are not sedentary, live in tents. Others live in Niger, for example.

As good at hunting as he is at guard. The Azawakh guards and protects its territory. He is reserved and skeptical of strangers. This makes him an excellent watchdog. These qualities mean that the Azawakh needs a lot of exercises. It’s not for nothing that he belongs to the hounds. So make sure your lifestyle matches the needs of your Azawakh.

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