Lime: What You Should Know

Limes are among the citrus fruits. Depending on the species, the fruits are green to yellow and have a diameter of up to six centimeters. Limes taste sour, but not as sour as lemons. The species we know best here is what science calls the common lime. In colloquial language, they are also called Tahitian lime or Persian lime, because that’s where they originally come from. In the Middle Ages, seafarers brought these fruits to Europe.

The limes that you get in the supermarket were mostly imported from Latin America or other warm regions. It would be too cold for them here, you only find them in greenhouses here. Limes grow on tree-like shrubs that can grow up to six meters tall. Plant them either in the ground or in a bucket. The lime bush does not require pollination by insects to produce fruit. It is therefore referred to as “virgin fruit”. In the case of the limequat, a cross between kumquat and lime, the bushes have thorns like a rose.

Limes are mainly used to extract lime juice. You need it, for example, to mix alcoholic cocktails such as Caipirinha or Mojito. Dried limes are used as a tart spice. This is mainly done in Middle Eastern cuisine. From Florida, a state of the USA, the so-called key lime pie is known. It’s a popular cake with whipped cream and lime juice there.

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