Lilies: What You Should Know

Lilies are flowers that come in different shapes and colors. Biologists distinguish between more than 100 species of lilies. The lily is a popular ornamental plant. It can be found on numerous coats of arms, including those of the cities of Darmstadt and Florence.

Originally, the lilies come from the Himalayan mountains in Asia. Today they can be found almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere where the climate is temperate. They are not found in the southern hemisphere. Some species are endemic, meaning they only exist in a certain place. Especially since the beginning of industrialization, lilies have been cultivated by humans in large quantities and sold as cut flowers.

The lilies grow like tulips from a bulb in the ground. This can be up to twelve centimeters long and up to 19 centimeters wide. The lily gets its nutrients from the soil through roots on the bulb. The lilies bloom here from May to August. Besides their beauty, they are also known for their good scent, which is used in many perfumes.

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