Dogs: 5 Tips For Acclimatization

The adoption of fearful dogs from abroad has increased significantly in recent years and not least during the pandemic period.

We are happy that more and more people are offering these animals the chance of a loving and species-appropriate home, because they deserve it so much!

Since many dogs from Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and many other countries in the world are severely traumatized and have experienced bad things, it is important to find out in detail before adopting what such a surprise package can entail.

In this article you will find out how you can best spend the first few days with your dog from abroad and how you can make it easier for him to settle in with you.

In a nutshell: acclimating a dog from abroad – it’s guaranteed to work that way!

If you have decided to adopt an anxiety dog from abroad, you can look forward to a small surprise package. You can master this challenge together by showing a lot of calm, patience, love and respect.

Dogs love clear rules and structures, so offer your dog security right from the start with boundaries and repetitive rituals, for example in relation to walks, feeding or rest times.

Don’t overwhelm your dog, he has enough to do with working through his trauma and processing the new impressions. For this he needs one thing above all: sufficient restful sleep!

If you don’t have any expectations of the dog, nothing can go wrong!

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Scared dogs from abroad vs. dogs from breeders

There are some major differences between animal welfare dogs, especially those adopted directly from abroad, and dogs from local breeders. So that you can make the right decision, you should think about the following table:

Fear dog from abroad

Not used to living with people.

Has possibly had bad experiences with people or is even traumatized.

Has a tremendous need to escape and survive as he had to protect and take care of himself on the streets.

Fancy a surprise package? Most of the time, you can’t get to know the dog before adopting it!

A dog from the breeder

Are used to living together from an early age.

Has probably had many positive experiences with people and is growing up in a sheltered manner.

Never had to go hungry or fight for his life. Best conditions for a chilled dog.

Even as a puppy you can visit your new protégé and you can get to know each other extensively.

The first days with the dog from abroad

If a dog from animal welfare moves in with you, an exciting and challenging time begins for both of you. Both physically and emotionally, such a wild animal can push you to your limits.

No matter how scared he is, your pity won’t help him. Pity isn’t a canine emotion, so he won’t be able to interpret it, and you’re more likely to cause confusion with over-pampering.

However, if your dog seeks protection from you, of course you give it to him!

With a lot of rest and patience you will get into the groove. Your dog needs to get to know you first, just like you him! He can now experience that not every hand beats him and that he always has enough to eat.


To build a bond and get the dog used to the hand, you can simply hand-feed it for the first few days/weeks. He also perceives your smell intensively.

Animal protection dog does not want to go for a walk?

Everything is so scary that your scared dog doesn’t even dare to leave the house? It should be said in advance: He must!

Unfortunately, you’re not helping your dog at all if you leave him sitting in his corner, still and scared, and spare him the walkies. He doesn’t know yet what great adventures are waiting for him there and you have to make it palatable for him.

For example, it can be helpful to ask a friendly dog-owner team if you can walk together.

Most animal protection dogs find it easier to orient themselves to other dogs than to the strange people who have done them so much harm in the past.

Maybe your fearful dog can be lured with treats?

Try it! In any case, you should praise him properly outside and make sure that he has many positive and at best no negative experiences. Your animal protection dog will soon love going for a walk!

5 helpful tips so that your anxiety dog can quickly get used to you

dog from romania If you follow these tips, your rescue dog will have an easier time adjusting to the new environment with all the new people:

Don’t overwhelm your protégé

Let your shy dog ​​muzzle arrive in peace. The transport box you brought him home in is the perfect retreat.

Put them in a quiet corner and just go about your usual daily routine. With a scared dog, it is all the more important not to harass it and to let it come to you of its own accord.

Let him look around in peace and at his own pace and explore everything. It will help him if you just ignore him for a bit.

Rules & structures provide security

You’re welcome to take off the velvet gloves, because they don’t help your scared dog at all. What will help him are clear rules and structures from day 1. It would be justifiably strange for him if he was allowed to do everything in the first few weeks and then suddenly not anymore.

Dogs love boundaries, and by doing so, you directly put yourself in a higher position in your little pack. Your dog will trust you more if you give him clear instructions than if he cannot interpret your behavior.

Give your dog enough rest

Adjusting to a new life is exciting enough. Make sure that there is not too much hustle and bustle in the house in the first few weeks after arrival. Reduce inviting visitors for the time being and don’t overwhelm your dog with thousands of trips and new impressions.

Your dog now needs a lot of time to sleep, because that’s when he processes what he has experienced and experienced!

Familiarize him with his territory

Even if it seems boring to you, your dog is going through a complete change in life and it will be easier if you always run the same rounds with him at the beginning.

In this way, your protégé can slowly familiarize itself with the new environment and after a few days will be walking the paths much more confidently. After a few weeks you can slowly expand the radius.

Not too much action, please!

You will still have enough time for adventure and action-packed excursions. At the beginning you are welcome to do without it. Explore your territory so your dog knows where it belongs.

In short: This is how you can get anxious dogs from abroad used to a new environment

With a lot of love, calm, patience, consistency, respect, and liverwurst, the necessary trust will soon come.

It is best if you have no expectations of your animal protection dog!

You just let him come in and be a dog. Give yourself time to get used to each other. You will quickly notice which situations your new dog buddy has difficulties with and can then respond to them in a targeted manner.

In the beginning, it’s important that you don’t overwhelm the dog and make sure that it has many positive experiences with other people and dogs over time (after it has settled in for a few weeks).

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