Tips for Individual Intelligence Training with Dogs

In today’s world, a dog’s life can sometimes be quite boring. After all, guarding a farm, herding sheep, or tracking down the game is no longer part of the everyday tasks of a typical family or companion dog. Dogs need a task and varied employment. Training units and toys that promote intelligence and logical thinking in dogs are recommended for this.

Precisely because many dog ​​owners take better than average care of their four-legged friends, provide them with food and offer them safe housing, other incentives must be set. Otherwise, the dog may develop behavioral problems, aggressive behavior, or become unhousebroken.

The importance of individual training

No matter what activity you do with your dog, you have to show tact. It is important to know the peculiarities of your animal well. If you play the same thing with your four-legged friend every other day, you have to expect that the dog will soon get the hang of it and be bored. A dog owner should challenge his dog but never overwhelm him.

Food as bait

The easiest way to motivate a dog is with food. There is now a wealth of different intelligence toys that are offered by specialist suppliers. For example, colorful plastic containers weighed down on the bottom, with treats to get out of the opening. The dog has to cleverly turn, nudge or push it until its reward comes in the form of food. If you don’t want to buy your toy for it, you can hide the bait in other containers, for example in a shopping bag.

To do this, put dry food in a bag and let the animal sniff it. Once the dog has found it, the difficulty is increased by putting a treat in the bag and squeezing the edge. So he has to think about the best way to get his food. It then shows whether he is impatient and tears up the container or whether he uses a trick to open the bag. The same works with a shoe box in which the food lies under a loosely placed lid that the dog has to push away. If he manages to do this, you can always press the lid tighter.

Wooden toy

Dogs vary greatly from breed to breed. What is right for which four-legged friend depends on many factors such as the animal’s age, mobility, or sense of smell. Wooden toys that challenge intelligence and dexterity are suitable for advanced dogs. A round wooden plate with nine cones under which food can be hidden is an average requirement that many four-legged friends can handle. In addition to intelligence, the sense of smell is also encouraged.

With more complex wooden constructions, the dog has to move buttons in the tracks. If he does this thoughtfully, his treatment will be pushed out of an opening. Wooden boxes with flaps that the dog has to open by pulling with its teeth are another useful option.

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