Summer Diet Tips for Dogs

Compared to us humans, dogs have it much more difficult to adjust to the summer and the heat: For example, they have hardly any sweat glands and pant at high temperatures to cool themselves. When it comes to feeding, the needs are also slightly different. The veterinarians at the Fressnapf specialty chain have summarized the most important tips for giving your dog a pleasant summer.

Feeding in the hot summer months

In extreme heat, dogs behave very similarly to us humans: they don’t get ravenously hungry, instead they become thirsty. It is therefore best to feed several smaller meals – this puts the least strain on the organism. In the blazing summer heat, it is also not particularly pleasant to eat. It is best to use the early morning hours or the cooler evening hours to prepare a delicious meal for your darling. Even puppies that still get several meals a day should do without the lunch rations on particularly hot days.

Dry food as an alternative to wet food

Wet food spoils much faster in the warm months, quickly smells unpleasant, and also attracts flies and vermin. So if fresh or wet food needs to be put in the bowl, it is best to only do it in small portions that are eaten immediately. Dry food is a good alternative as it can survive in the bowl for a long time without spoiling. A clean feeding bowl is even more important than usual in summer: remove wet food residue as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant odors. The same applies to the water bowl, which has to be cleaned regularly.

Plenty of fresh water to cool off

Especially in the hot season, your dog must have enough fresh water available at all times. Your dog must have access to the water bowl at all times. Dogs normally need about 70 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight every day, which is just under one to two liters per day, depending on the breed of dog. When it is very hot, the requirement can be significantly higher.

Nothing too cold!

The right temperature also plays an important role: Cold water straight from the fridge is not good for the dog in summer. Water at room temperature, on the other hand, is harmless and easy on the stomach. Wet or fresh food that is stored in the refrigerator should only be eaten when it has reached room temperature – this avoids digestive problems and ensures a better taste.

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