Do Great Danes Get Along With Cats?

I love cats and am always fascinated by the gentle giants of the Great Dane. I was wondering if the two would get along. Then I did a lot of research and here is the answer.

Do Great Danes get along with cats? Great Danes get along with cats once they get used to each other, but some Great Danes can be aggressive toward cats. Great Danes are actually friendly and gentle dogs, but they have a natural drive to hunt. They hunt cats or want to play with them.

While not all Great Danes get along with cats right away, there are some techniques and tips you can use to introduce cats and dogs to each other.

#1 Great Danes and their relationship to cats

When I think of dogs and cats, the first thing that comes to mind are comics where the two don't get along. Tom and Jerry or Simon's Cat and the neighbor's dog. I love the Simon Tofield comics.

As in the video above or similar, the relationship between dogs and cats is often shown in the media. But is that really true? There are also such beautiful cuddle photos with dogs and cats.

Great Danes are gentle giants. However, sometimes they forget their size and they can even knock over grown people. Very important basic training for Great Danes: Never jump at people! Even a strong adult can be devastated if it happens unprepared. Not to mention children or elderly people.

Great Danes actually respect both humans and animals, although they do like to play with smaller animals. Some Great Danes have a natural prey instinct with cats and want to chase them immediately. All dogs love to hunt and play. They are not willfully cruel to cats and other animals.

Although of course, everyone knows that Great Danes are among the largest dog breeds, there are always nasty surprises. Namely when the first owner realizes how the already quite large puppy has become a huge dog. Mastiffs reach a shoulder height of between 70 and 100 cm and a weight of 90 kg.

Great Danes romp and play like other dogs. But because of their size alone, this can be dangerous for smaller animals. And lively cats in particular can trigger a desire to hunt in the giants.

#2 Make arrangements

If you already have a cat at home, it is important that you take some precautions to ensure the safety of both animals. Especially if you want to bring a puppy into the house, you have to pay special attention to the safety of cats. Of course, like all puppies, Great Danes are playful and will test their limits. This size can be dangerous for cats. They need some time and set rules to adapt.

Always remember: It is not impossible to keep cats and Great Danes together. Many families have both animals in the household. Well trained, they make great companions.

It would be easier for you as a cat owner if the new dog was just out of puppyhood. Then they are no longer so playful, have reached their actual size, and have a good handle on their dimensions. They are calmer and it is much easier to socialize with cats and other small animals. I know that it is of course not always possible to bring a Great Dane into the house when it is young.

The longer a Great Dane spends time with cats and small animals, the better. With patience and clear rules, a close relationship will develop over time, even if it can be a bit turbulent at first.

It helps a lot if your Great Dane is born and raised and knows basic commands. In my article "Are Great Danes Difficult to Train" you will find tips on how to teach your Great Dane the important basic commands.

#3 How do you help your cat get along with a Great Dane?

Although Great Danes have a natural urge to chase a cat, there are a few tips you can use to help your cat deal with the new "giant baby" in your home.

Cats often have a hard time at first when a new animal or even a new person moves into their familiar environment. they withdraw. When the new Great Dane goes nuts too, with the sheer joy of finally being able to hunt a cat, chaos erupts. And the first meeting is important. If the cat goes equally badly, it will be much more difficult to regain trust.

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