Do Poodles Get Along With Cats?

Before you want to breed a poodle with a cat, you should know that it is entirely possible. But it takes preparation and certain perseverance.

Is it possible for poodles and cats to get along? In general, poodles and cats can of course get along. Poodles’ protective instincts can also extend to cats when they’re part of the pack. Still, every dog and cat has its own personality that you need to take into account. If you want to get a poodle and a cat together, there are a few things to keep in mind.

#1 Dog and cat – are they really enemies?

In the media, we often perceive dogs and cats as enemies. The dog chases after the cat and the cat hisses at the dog. Thank God this kind of perception is often incorrect. In fact, dogs and cats can be best friends.

When the two are properly introduced to each other, dogs fully accept the cat as part of the pack and family. That is, their innate protective instinct includes the cat.

A poodle's temperament suits a cat's. Poodles are gentle and obedient dogs, especially when compared to some other dog breeds. Although you have a lot of energy and the urge to move, you can also lie quietly and comfortably on the couch.

So there are good prospects of making friends out of poodles and cats. But here too, it depends on the individual animal.

#2 What size should the poodle be?

There are several recognized size variations of poodles. From toy poodles to giant poodles. They differ in size and also in how much exercise they need. If you want to buy a poodle and you have a cat and you already have a cat, you should choose one of the smaller variants.

If you look at the size, three variants are particularly suitable

Miniature poodle

Miniature poodle

Toy poodle

Each of these variants is suitable for living with cats. So if you prefer a certain size, then you've already made a decision. However, different poodle sizes are said to have different temperaments.

How are the variants defined?

34-45 cm
Miniature Poodle
28-35 cm
Toy poodle
under 28cm

The miniature poodle is best suited. And it's not just because of the size. Because in addition to size, there are other aspects that you should consider when choosing a playmate.

#3 Toy Poodle

Think about the dangers of bringing a dog indoors. If you already have a cat, the size of the dog is an issue to consider. Of course, a bite from a German Shepherd would be a very different hazard than that from a Toy Poodle.

Toy poodles are about the same size as a cat. Although the physique is different and also the head of hair, the size of a toy poodle resembles a typical domestic cat.

This is a good prerequisite to guarantee the safety of your cat. Toy poodles and cats are often the same size and can play together without either of them having much of an advantage. There are even cat breeds (e.g. the Maine Coon) that are definitely larger.

On the other hand, the temperament attributed to most Toy Poodles is not optimal for cats. Of all varieties, the Toy Poodle is known for being quick to snap. Perhaps because it is so small and otherwise has to assert itself against other larger animals.

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