12 Hot Weather Tips to Keep Your Poodle Safe this Summer

Do you worry in the summer whether your poodle can stay outside? And up to what degree is it OK if your dog is outside? In this article, I try to answer the most common questions about heat and poodles.

Poodles generally shouldn’t be left outside in the heat for long periods of time. Temperatures above 30-32 degrees can be life-threatening. Poodles don’t have very thick hair, so their skin is sensitive to the sun. Poodle paws, noses, and skin should be protected.

Although poodles shouldn’t be left outside in the heat for long periods of time, there are a few things you can do to help your poodle have a comfortable time in the summer heat.

#1 Poodle in the heat

It's natural to be concerned about your dog. They are like our little babies who need our protection.

In some cases, this attitude is not necessary, because in some situations our poodles get along quite well without us. However, in the heat, poodles need our help to protect them well from the sun. Compared to other dog breeds, poodles are slightly more at risk in the hot sun.

This is because poodles have quite thin coats. This means they lack the undercoat. This in turn allows the sun to reach the skin more quickly. Although poodles are very curly and appear to have a lot of furs, this is not true.

Undercoat protects dogs from large temperature differences and from sunburn. Because poodles don't have an undercoat, their skin is much more sensitive to temperature changes.

A poodle is a dog that, in humans, is arguably the equivalent of a light-skinned, often red-haired, a friend who gets sunburnt after ten minutes in the sun. Because of this, they need shelter to go outside in the hot sun.

If you are one of those people who can stay in the sun for a long time without any problem and walk for hours outside in the heat, then poodles as companions are not a good choice for you.

Pay attention to how much time your dog spends outside in the heat.
Of course, your poodle should go outside to be fit and healthy. Your Poodle still needs exercise and the easiest way to get it is by going for a walk outside. In moderate weather conditions, there's no reason not to get outside with your poodle. He enjoys exercise in the fresh air.

The only time you need to watch your poodle is during long stays in the heat.

Overall, poodles can handle heat conditions just like us humans. The only difference is that when we overheat, we get dizzy. If a poodle overheats, the consequences can be worse, including death.

Of course, your dog won't overheat immediately if you go outside in hot weather but watch his behavior closely. Go for a walk early in the morning or later in the evening when the weather is cooler than midday.

Also, make sure that he doesn't rage so wildly and run and play so much in hot weather. Let him play in the shade and not in the direct sun. And just briefly that while he's getting rid of his energy, he's not trying too hard.

#2 Safety measures in the heat

When it comes to temperatures, your poodle reacts to outside temperatures in a similar way to humans. If it's so hot that you can barely stand the heat, then it's definitely too hot for your poodle. If you go outside and immediately feel uncomfortable and overheated, then you should not take your dog outside. This is a rough guide that you can follow.

While the outside temperature alone is not always a sure and single sign of a hazard, it is a good guide. Below I have listed specific temperatures at which you should be particularly alert or not go outside with your poodle at all.

Temperature (Celsius)
Perfect weather, no need to worry
open eyes. problems unlikely
Now we are approaching dangerous temperatures. Be careful!
Possibly life-threatening if your poodle is left outside for long periods of time

Aside from temperatures, there are other factors that affect your poodle’s risk such as B. how much he moves and whether he is in the shade or in the blazing sun.

But if you only use the temperature as a basis, you can at least estimate how long your poodle can be outside.

#3 Caution: heat stress and heat stroke

Heat stroke can occur in both humans and dogs in the heat. Poodles have limited ability to handle heat and prolonged exposure to the hot sun can be fatal to them. It is particularly dangerous when owners leave their dogs in the car. We know the headlines from the newspaper, every summer.

Dogs pant to cool off. However, panting alone is not enough to cool down a poodle when it is very hot outside.

In extreme heat, you have to actively do something to protect yourself from the sun.

Normal temperature
heat stress
risk of heat stroke
38.3 - 38.8 degrees Celsius
39.5 degrees Celsius
41 degrees Celsius

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