Care and Health of the Slovensky Kopov

When it comes to grooming, the Slovensky Kopov is very straightforward. The short coat requires little maintenance. Occasional brushing will help get rid of fallen hair and dirt while also maintaining the coat’s natural shine.

If he has rolled in the mud or gotten really dirty in some other way, you can also give him a bath.

Important: When bathing, make sure to use a special moisturizing dog shampoo (you can also do without it if you prefer) to protect the Slovensky Kopov’s natural skin barrier. This is important to avoid skin diseases. You should then rinse it off with clear, warm water.

You should clean dirt from your eyes and ears 2-3 times a week using a soft, damp cloth. If your Slovensky Kopov is mostly on soft ground, you should also trim its claws regularly, so that they don’t wear out by themselves.

The life expectancy of the Slovensky Kopov is relatively high at up to 15 years. This is probably due, among other things, to the fact that no diseases typical of this breed are known. Due to purebred breeding, completely without crossbreeding, hereditary diseases could be eliminated.

However, you should check your ears regularly. Since hanging dog ears lack ventilation, inflammation can occur there. As with other breeds, you should also check their eyes, teeth, paws, and claws at regular intervals to prevent diseases or to detect them at an early stage.

Tip: Take your four-legged friend to regular health check-ups at the vet, at least once a year. There his health is checked and important vaccinations are given.

The very active dog does not usually tend to be overweight due to its physical activity. Even extreme cold does not bother the robust animal. Its thick fur protects it from the rain so that the Slovensky Kopov can’t get wet either.

Caution: Dogs should never be exposed to extreme heat, as they could otherwise get heat stroke. That’s why you shouldn’t leave them alone in a closed car, especially in summer.

As far as nutrition is concerned, you should make sure that you use high-quality wet or dry food. Alternatively, you can cook something for him yourself.

In general, when it comes to dog food, you should always make sure that the meat and vegetable content is high and the grain content is rather low. Sugar and other additives should not be part of the feed.

It is best to feed the Slovensky Kopov in the evening, after work, in a quiet place.

Activities with the Slovensky Kopov

The Slovensky Kopov is very lively and active and has a great urge to move. He very rarely rests and constantly needs action. Long, long walks are therefore a must every day. Otherwise, you can also take it with you when you jog or go on a bike tour.

Note: Due to its pronounced hunting instinct, you should always use a leash when going for a walk.

Alternatively, and this is also the best occupation for the Slovensky Kopov, it can also be taken out hunting with one or more hunters. This is where the temperamental dog thrives. His very well-developed sense of direction is of great benefit to him. Even if he follows the game for miles, he always finds his way back to his starting point.

If hunting is not possible due to the season, he can also be kept busy with dog sports. Those in which the hunting instinct can be used are particularly suitable.

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