Education and Keeping of the Slovensky Kopov

As already mentioned, the training of the Slovensky Kopov requires experience in any case and is therefore not for laypeople. He needs a very consistent but sensitive education. If you are too hard and strict with him, he may refuse obedience and work altogether.

To be recognized as a pack leader by the Slovensky Kopov, you need a good relationship of trust, which you can only create with a lot of empathy and love.

It is important to show him clear boundaries at a young age and to assert himself against him because he likes to test his limits. He likes to question every command you give him. His intelligent and headstrong nature can be a great challenge for owners.

Remember: You can’t achieve anything at the Slovensky Kopov with strictness and harshness. The A&O in training is the trust between man and dog.

Even a visit to the dog school can not hurt with a Slovensky Kopov. There he also has the opportunity to get used to the presence of other dogs. This can be very helpful when going for walks, where you will likely meet dogs with their owners on a regular basis.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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