Nature and Temperament of the Slovensky Kopov

The Slovensky Kopov is a very headstrong, spirited, and intelligent dog. He has a strong sense of direction. In addition, he is extremely alert and independent. Sometimes the Slovensky Kopov can also be very cheeky.

Due to his stubborn nature, he likes to question orders and will not blindly do everything he is told. He likes to push his limits and see how far he can go. It is therefore important that the owners are experienced and know how to handle it.

Attention: Due to its idiosyncratic nature, the Slovensky Kopov is absolutely not suitable for amateurs. Training requires a lot of experience from its owners.

The hound has a very strong hunting instinct, which is why it definitely belongs in the hands of a hunter. His good sense of direction comes in very handy here. When hunting, the Slovensky Kopov proves to be extremely barking. He is also very persistent and fast. This makes him one of the best hounds in his class.

Note: The Slovensky Kopov definitely belongs in the hands of a hunter because of its strong hunting instinct.

The Slovensky Kopov is also ideal as a guard dog.

If you have managed to gain Slovensky Kopov’s trust for you, then he shows himself to be a loyal and affectionate companion with a calm and firm nature. Then he will be happy to follow you every step of the way.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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