Care and Health of the Kuvasz

Grooming the Kuvasz’s coat is less time-consuming: weekly brushing is more than enough. However, get your Kuvasz used to sitting or lying still while it is being groomed when it is a puppy.

Tip: Even if Kuvasz’s coat is very easy to care for, note that your dog sheds quite a lot. The lint brush will therefore be part of your basic equipment.

You should only bathe your Kuvasz if absolutely necessary. However, most of the time the dried dirt falls out of the fur or it comes off during brushing.

As with any other breed of dog, it is important that you regularly check your Kuvasz’s ear cups and clean them if necessary. Give your guard dog stale bread to gnaw on. So he can “brush” his teeth. Further special care should therefore not be necessary.

The Kuvasz is very robust. Like all large dogs, the Kuvasz is prone to hip dysplasia. The Kuvasz rarely tends towards allergies and intolerances. Skin irritation can sometimes occur.

Activities with the Kuvasz

Exercise is very important for your Kuvasz. So regular, long walks should be a matter of course. If this is preceded by good training, the Kuvasz can also run as a riding companion dog. Training to become a tracking and rescue dog is also possible.

As much as Kuvasz likes long walks, he also enjoys spending relaxing hours at home with you and your family. Due to its size, however, the Kuvasz is less suitable for other dog sports.

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