Training and Husbandry of the Kuvasz

The first year and a half are particularly important in the upbringing of the Kuvasz: the Kuvasz needs a consistent and strict, but also loving upbringing. It is important that you are patient and give your dog a lot of attention and activity. We also recommend that you visit a dog school with your Kuvasz.

Important: if trained incorrectly, the Kuvasz can be very aggressive. So the Kuvasz is not suitable for inexperienced dog owners.

Despite a good upbringing, one must not forget that the Kuvasz likes to keep his own head. When training your Kuvasz, always make sure that you convey to him who the pack leader is – you and not him.

The Kuvasz needs a lot of exercise and activity. This is how he feels most comfortable outdoors, on a large (and fenced-in) plot of land. It is best for the dog if it can run free on this property and can accordingly constantly guard its territory.

There is nothing wrong with the Kuvasz living outside in the fresh air all year round. Even if the four-legged friend prefers winter temperatures, summer outdoors will not harm your Kuvasz either. A city apartment is not suitable for a large four-legged friend.

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