Care and Health of the Azawakh

Grooming is very easy as Azawakhs have very short fur. You can regularly go over the fur with a brush or a rubber glove with nubs.

Greyhounds are naturally very slim. The reason for this is that they usually only get milk as food from their country of origin. This is because they are used as hunters and are not meant to be accustomed to the taste of meat. This is of course different with the Azawakh as a family dog.

Feed your greyhound high-quality food with the largest proportion of meat. Make sure, however, that the protein content of the feed does not exceed 50% and that the food is as low in fat as possible. This prevents kidney problems. Refrain from doing sports or other activities with your dog immediately after the feeding time to avoid stomach torsion.

The average life expectancy for an Azawakh is around 10-12 years. With a good environment and living conditions, an Azawakh can live up to 15 years. The Azawakh does not have a typical disease, because the dog breed is considered to be very robust. However, the degree of inbreeding is very high, which increases the likelihood of an inherited disease.

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