Care and Health of the Sloughi

With regard to the diet of the Sloughi, it is important to pay attention to the appropriate quantity and quality of food. You should also weigh a greyhound regularly and check its weight.

While feeding such a dog requires a certain amount of experience, grooming is extremely easy. Due to its short coat, it is sufficient to groom the dog from time to time with a special glove.

This process also strengthens the relationship between the owner and the dog, as grooming is a pleasant massage for the Sloughi. There are even specimens that lick their fur like a cat and clean it themselves. Since a Sloughi has small lop ears, they must be cleaned of dirt regularly to prevent infections.

In general, a Sloughi is a hardy breed that is physically stable. Unfortunately, there are also typical diseases in these dogs. An example of this is the so-called eye disease progressive retina atrophy. Also, a Sloughi can be sensitive to various medications or anesthetics.

Another point to keep in mind as a Sloughi owner is the fact that the breed is relatively sensitive to cold despite its hardy characteristics. However, as long as your Sloughi keeps moving, low temperatures shouldn’t be a big problem.

Tip: A dog coat may prove helpful for a Sloughi in the cold winter months.

With good nutrition and plenty of exercises, a healthy Sloughi can be expected to live an impressive 16 years or so.

Activities with the Sloughi

A Sloughi, like many other greyhounds, is a sporting ace and therefore needs a lot of outdoor exercises. He can only relax in your four walls if he has been exhausted beforehand.

Its original use in hound hunting explains the sporting ambition and urge to move of this sighthound breed. Possible activities with a Sloughi would therefore be, for example, coursing, dog racing, jogging, or bicycle tours.

Tip: It is best to buy your Sloughi a suitable harness for sporting activities, as slim dogs can quickly free themselves from standard collars.

Keeping them in a small apartment is unsuitable given the size of the dog. There should definitely be enough space for your Sloughi to run and romp near your home. Ideally, you have a fenced-in property where your dog can indulge in its sporting activities.

A Sloughi is not suitable as a travel dog as its size makes it difficult to transport. Under certain circumstances, he is an ideal hiking partner on vacation, who explores the local nature with you. However, in this scenario, you should also ask yourself how you can transport your dog in a species-appropriate manner.

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