Care and Health of the Berger Picard

The Berger Picard’s coat is very rough and robust and requires very little grooming.

You shouldn’t brush it more often than every 3-4 weeks, as the otherwise very rough and dirt-repellent coat becomes too soft and can become matted. You can often comb through the beard and the fur under the armpits with a coarse comb.

Unlike many other dogs, the Berger Picard does not have a complete coat change. He only exchanges the undercoat if necessary. At this time, you may find more dog hair on your floor.

Not only the fur of the Berger Picard is particularly robust, because overall, with good care, he very rarely gets sick. This is also the reason for the relatively high life expectancy of this breed.

Note: Regular health check-ups at the vet are mandatory in any case.

As with any other breed, in addition to regular visits to the vet, you should also check their eyes, teeth, claws, and fur at regular intervals. This is how you prevent illnesses or, in an emergency, recognize an existing illness quickly enough to be able to treat it properly.

Activities with the Berger Picard

The former shepherd dog is made to cover extremely long distances of up to 100 km every day. Therefore, he needs a very high level of exercise and employment. So it is ideal if you like to walk or jog long distances. The Berger Picard is also an ideal companion for a long bike tour.

In general, he loves extensive excursions in nature.

Since Berger Picard not only needs physical exercise but also wants to be mentally challenged, dog sport agility is also very suitable for him.

Agility: Agility is a dog sport in which the dog has to overcome a course consisting of several obstacles within a given time.

As mentioned above, the Berger Picard is also a popular dog for police and emergency services. The training in training there contains similar elements as are usual in agility training. However, this involves working with more demanding obstacles on more difficult surfaces.

There are varied and challenging games to mentally challenge your Berger Picard at home. You should try to schedule some time for this every day.

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