Diet of the Berger Picard

This breed of dog is very easy to care for when it comes to food. The Berger Picard tolerates both wet and dry food as well as home-cooked food and is not very demanding. He also very rarely suffers from intolerances.

However, make sure that the food contains more meat and vegetables and less grain. Sugar and flavor enhancers should not be part of the feed.

Due to his great joy in exercise, being overweight is usually not a problem for Berger Picard. Depending on the extent and intensity of physical activity, you should always adjust the amount of food individually.

Make sure to change the food every now and then and try something new. Dogs also like a little variety in their diet. You can also try out what your four-legged friend likes and what he likes less.

If you find that he has either gained or lost weight extremely, try adjusting the amounts of food.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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