Upbringing and Keeping of the Berger Picard

The Berger Picard needs a lot of space and exercise. Small city apartments are therefore unsuitable for keeping. A garden in which he can exercise sufficiently should definitely be available.

The loving, people-oriented dog should never be kept in a kennel or on a chain in the yard. Family connection and affection are extremely important to him.

You should have plenty of time for long walks and enough activity for the lively, sensitive dog. Contact with its owners is very important to the Berger Picard, which is why it should not be left alone all day long.

Important: A Berger Picard needs a lot of exercise and attention. So you should plan enough time for him.

Training should start early so that he can learn basic commands from the start. He is considered to be very capable of learning, but only conditionally willing to learn. If you want a dog that obeys blindly, you’ve come to the wrong place at Berger Picard.

With a lot of patience, consistency, empathy, and a bit of humor, however, the Berger Picard can also be trained well. Once you’ve found the right path, you’ll find that his intelligence and quick wits make him an extremely trainable dog. Because if he wants to, he can learn almost anything.

Info: Visits to a puppy or dog school are always suitable for support in terms of education – depending on the age of the animal.

The visit to the puppy school can take place from around the 9th week of the dog’s life. After you have brought your new animal companion into your home, however, you should give them a week to settle into their new home. After this week you can attend the puppy school together with him.

Especially at the beginning, you should not overwhelm the Berger Picard. Make sure that there is always enough time to rest between training sessions.

Good to know: Even if dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans, they still go through the same life phases as we do. Beginning with the infancy phase through the toddler phase to puberty and adulthood. As with humans, the upbringing and requirements should therefore be adapted to the respective age of the dog.

By adulthood, your dog should have completed basic training. However, you can still teach him something new.

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