7 Signs Your Cat Is Your Soulmate

Cats and humans can also be soulmates. Find out now which signs indicate that there is a deep intimacy between you and your cat.

Not only two people can be one heart and one soul. Your cat can also be very close to you, like you and like the same things. These 7 signs show that there is a very special connection between you and your cat – the soul mate.

Your Cat Chose You Too

Do you think you chose your cat? Probably not. It is often the cat that consciously chooses its human. Some little kittens are already playfully testing out which person might suit them.

If both sides “sparked” the first time they met, it’s quite possible that you didn’t meet your cat by accident. You may have found your soul mate.

You Always Know what your cat needs

If you immediately recognize what your cat is trying to tell you, that is a clear sign of soul mates. Of course, you can also acquire knowledge about the body language of cats through specialist literature or the Internet.

But if you intuitively know right from the start what your cat is trying to convey through its tail wagging, meowing, or purring, you are bound to have a strong emotional connection.

Your Cat Can Tell When You’re Feeling Down

Cats really comfort and relax us. According to a Washington State University study, petting cats (and dogs) for just 10 minutes reduces our stress levels. Wanting to comfort you when you are ill or having a bad day, your cat feels connected to you. She’s probably your soul mate!

You are Similar to Your Cat

Are you an active, bright person and does your cat also like to enjoy its freedom? But maybe you are more of the relaxed type who appreciates the quiet moments in life and prefers to spend them with the cat on the sofa. No matter what applies to you, if you and your cat value the same things, this is a good prerequisite for a soul mate.

She Shows Her Love to You

Researchers from Oregon State University have shown in a study that cats can love their people. And they show us that this is the case with many tokens of love. If your cat steps on you more often, licks you, or stretches out her belly to be petted, she trusts you and cares about you.

Your Cat Missed You

If your cat follows you everywhere, likes to spend time with you, and is happy to see you again, then he is very close to you.

In fact, animal researcher Rupert Sheldrake found out that cats can sense 15 minutes before their loved one is coming back. The daily rhythm did not seem to be responsible for this.

Felt Together For a Lifetime

An important sign of soul mates is the feeling of knowing your own cat forever. That shows real intimacy. If she also trusts you blindly and always seeks contact with you, even if there are other people to choose from, you have won her heart.

If most of the points apply to you and your cat, you are definitely very close and complement each other perfectly. This is exactly what is commonly described as soul mates.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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