10 Clever Life Hacks for Cat Owners

Every cat owner should know these clever tips and tricks that can make everyday life with their pet a lot easier.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve kept cats for years or just got a cat – these tips and tricks will make your everyday life much easier. Read here how you can quickly and easily remove cat hair from surfaces, why you urgently need to save cardboard boxes, and how a tennis ball in the washing machine can help.

The Perfect Name Ends With “I”

Finding the perfect name for your cat is not easy. Some want a particularly popular cat name, others choose a more unusual one. A good tip is to always make sure it ends in the vowel “i”. Cats seem to respond particularly well to this sound.

Make Water Exciting

Place the water bowl far away from the feeding place. If food and water are too close together, the cat may not drink enough. Researchers have observed that feral cats almost never butcher their prey next to a water source. So your cat doesn’t like to drink where it eats.

Many cat owners also rely on drinking fountains: the moving water encourages drinking.

Use Large Bowls

Large feeding bowls are doubly useful: cats take up food that is distributed over a large area more slowly. The hasty looping has an end.

Large bowls also help to avoid “whisker stress”. Many cats bump against the edge of the bowl with their sensitive whiskers when eating. This is unpleasant for the animals, which is why they fish the pieces of food out of the bowl and prefer to eat on the ground next to it. Experienced cat owners, therefore, use large bowls.

Tip: You can achieve the same effect if you spread the cat food on a large, flat plate or on a baking tray.

Litter Box Mat Avoids Dirt

If the cat has been on the litter box, some litter usually gets stuck on its paws and it spreads the clumps all over the apartment – albeit unintentionally.

Many cat owners, therefore, rely on this simple trick: place a mat with a corrugated surface or a towel in front of the litter box. When the cat goes out again, the loose litter sticks to it and your home stays clean.

Rubber Gloves Against Cat Hair

A good alternative to the lint roller: If you want to remove cat hair from your sofa, cushions, or clothes, you only need rubber gloves with knobs. Stroke it several times over the fabric and the hairs will stick to the rubber glove.

Tennis Ball in the Washing Machine

All cat owners know this: The clothes come fresh from the machine, but the stubborn cat hair is still stuck to it. The solution: just put a tennis ball in the washing machine. The hairs stick to their rough surface and your clothes are completely clean.

Cat Health Insurance

The costs for the veterinarian can be quite expensive. An operation for a torn ligament or a fracture already costs around 1,000 euros. Unfortunately, many do not consider this before purchasing and give up their pet when the treatment costs become too high.

To avoid being caught off guard by high vet bills, there are health insurance plans for cats. Depending on the cat’s insurance, husbandry, age, and breed, health insurance is available from as little as 5 euros a month. Cat owners ensure that they can look after their pets at all times.

A Warm Place for Old Cats

Older cats freeze more quickly because their blood circulation isn’t working as well and their metabolism changes. Be sure to offer your senior cat heated sleeping space. You can use a hot water bottle or a heating pad.

Many cat owners opt for special sleeping pillows that are heated. Older animals are sure to accept that.

Be Sure to Save Cardboard Boxes

It’s no longer a secret that cats love boxes. The cardboard boxes serve as safe places to sleep. In addition, the small retreats help to reduce stress. So do your cat a favor, by storing the boxes.

Clicker Training Against Boredom

Cats are considered independent pets. But they also want to be employed. Especially with indoor cats, there is a risk that they will feel under-challenged. This can be avoided with a clicker.

Whenever the cat has done something well, it is rewarded with a “click” and a treat. You can teach her tricks and the clicker can also be used to train cats.

All of these simple tricks help to make life with a cat even easier and offer relief in everyday life.

Mary Allen

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