7 Signs Your Cat Loves You

You love your cat more than anything. But are your feelings returned? does my cat love me Your velvet paw gives it away with these signs?

She gives you gifts

Even if a cat’s presents aren’t always pretty, you shouldn’t scold your velvet paw if she puts a dead mouse or a dead bird in front of your bed. She is showing that she is part of your family and wants to take care of you with love.

She slowly blinks at you

Cats are very alert animals. Keeping an eye on the world around you is vital to your survival. If your house cat gives up this vigilance by blinking very slowly, this is a sign of trust and love at the same time. Only when your furball feels completely safe and secure with you will she allow herself the risk of leaving her surroundings unobserved for a brief moment of slow blinking.

Does my cat love me when she shows her tummy?

Another sign of trust is showing your belly. This is particularly vulnerable in a cat. If your cat presents its furry tummy to you and possibly allows itself to be petted there, it is showing you that it trusts you completely, feels safe, and loves you.

Does my cat love me if it sleeps on or with me?

You may not always get this token of love, but it is a clear sign of your cat’s affection: if she lies down with you when you sleep, it means that she counts you as part of her pack and appreciates your closeness.

She follows you every step of the way

If your cat acts like your shadow and almost always sticks to your heels, this is another sign that your mini tiger likes to be around you and loves you. However, it’s important to be careful when your cat starts telling you where to go. Then the pursuit is no longer a sign of love, but of dominance.

If she kicks, your cat loves her

Kittens usually pat their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. When the little worms do this, they are hungry, but apart from that, they experience a feeling of maximum security. If your cat is with you and reactivates this behavior from an early age, she is showing how comfortable she is with you.

She headbutts you and rubs her chin on you

Both with the tender head butts and with the rubbing of the chin on you, your cat shows her love. Through this behavior, she is attempting to pick up your scent while at the same time transferring her own scent to you. The intention behind this is to increase the bond between the two of you – a clear sign of her love for you.

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