3 Signs Your Cat Wants Its Peace and Quiet

Cats need space – just like us, humans. This is why it is important to pay attention to your kitty’s signals. Here you can find out what behavior your cat uses to show you should leave it alone.

Cats are known to be independent – at least more independent than dogs. Cuddle and play? Only if they are looking for us on their own initiative! How do you know that you should leave your cat alone right now? These three things are clear signals of this:

The Cat is Hiding

She can hardly say it more clearly: When your puss withdraws, she obviously wants to be to herself. Then you should give your cat this rest and not chase it or lure it out of its hiding place.

This is especially true when there are visitors at home. “I’ve seen cat owners pull their cats out from under the bed to put them in the arms of a cat-loving visitor,” reports Pam Johnson-Bennett, author and expert on cat behavior.

“From the cat’s point of view, it was abruptly placed in a very dangerous position. She is being held by a stranger who smells completely unfamiliar and has no time to find out whether this person is harmless or threatening. ”

Such a forced social interaction could make the cat unintentionally aggressive. “It certainly makes you more reluctant to come out of your hiding place the next time you ring the doorbell,” says the expert. “If you deprive your cat of the choice of how they organize their personal space, it can mean that they will need even more of it in the future.”


If your cat sees its limits being exceeded, it can quickly become aggressive. At the latest then you should give the kitty time and space to relax again. Aggressive behavior is shown, among other things, by a tense posture, a flared tail, and hissing.

Overgrooming and Other Symptoms of Stress

If your cat is uncomfortable and needs rest, it may be showing other signs as well. Overgrooming, i.e. excessive grooming, which can even lead to loss of fur and skin irritation, is a typical sign of stress, for example.

However, some kitties also lose their appetite or suddenly become unclean and no longer use the litter box. With all these behaviors, however, you should consult a veterinarian to be on the safe side in order to rule out other causes.

For example, some cats may feel stressed after moving house or when new pets or people come into the house. Then it may be that the velvet paws need more rest and space for themselves to slowly get used to the new situation. If you create a safe atmosphere for your cat, it will definitely seek you again at some point.

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Written by Mary Allen

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