50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Shih Tzus (with Names)

Shih Tzu, known for their long and silky coats and friendly personalities, are a popular breed among celebrities. Here are 50 celebrities who own Shih Tzus, along with their names:

Beyoncé – Munchie
Mariah Carey – The Good Reverend Pow Jackson
Bill Gates – Terra
Paris Hilton – Tinkerbell and Bambi
Miranda Lambert – Delta Dawn
Miley Cyrus – Emu and Dora
Ariana Grande – Toulouse
Sharon Osbourne – Mr. Chips
Queen Elizabeth II – Whisky and Cider
Queen Victoria – Loo, Olga, and Turi
Ryan Gosling – George
Nicole Richie – Honeychild
Jennifer Love Hewitt – Mona
Ellen DeGeneres – Wolf
Michelle Kwan – Gatsby
Gwyneth Paltrow – Daffodil
Kelly Osbourne – Prudence
Marc Jacobs – Neville
Hillary Duff – Lucy
Britney Spears – Bit Bit
Janet Jackson – Sydney
Emmy Rossum – Cinnamon
Halle Berry – Lola
Naomi Watts – Bob
Kendall Jenner – Mew
Vanessa Hudgens – Darla
Katie Holmes – Honey
Gwen Stefani – Winston
Jamie Lee Curtis – Tiberius
Christina Ricci – Ramon
Jessica Simpson – Daisy
Olivia Palermo – Mr. Butler
Carmen Electra – Daisy
Denise Richards – Lily
Christina Aguilera – Chewy
Ashley Tisdale – Maui
Hilary Swank – Karoo
Renee Zellweger – Dylan
Patrick Dempsey – Tallulah
Jessica Biel – Tina
Demi Lovato – Sophie
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Taffy
Jennifer Aniston – Norman
Lisa Vanderpump – Giggy
Jamie Foxx – Kingston
Chrissy Teigen – Penny
Sarah Jessica Parker – Kissy
Michael Bublé – Charlie
Tori Spelling – Mimi LaRue
Lea Michele – Pearl

From whimsical to classic, these Shih Tzu names reflect the unique personalities of these beloved celebrity pets.

Mary Allen

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