50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Poodles (with Names)

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, known for their elegant appearance and intelligent, friendly personalities. It’s no surprise that they are a favorite of many celebrities. In this article, we will take a look at 50 famous people who own Poodles, along with their dogs’ names.

Barbra Streisand – Sammy, Coton de Tulear-Poodle mix
Queen Elizabeth II – Holly, Toy Poodle
Jane Fonda – Tulea, Toy Poodle
Ellen DeGeneres – Wolf, Standard Poodle
Robin Williams – Leonard, Standard Poodle
Adele – Louie, Toy Poodle
Rihanna – Oliver, Toy Poodle
Sharon Osbourne – Minnie, Toy Poodle
Jennifer Aniston – Sophie, Standard Poodle
Jessica Biel – Tina, Toy Poodle
Martha Stewart – Ghenghis Khan, Standard Poodle
Hugh Jackman – Allegra, French Poodle
Drew Barrymore – Douglas, Miniature Poodle
John Travolta – Sally, Toy Poodle
Diane Keaton – Red, Standard Poodle
Liza Minnelli – Toto, Toy Poodle
Katy Perry – Butters, Toy Poodle
Steve Martin – Roger, Standard Poodle
Meryl Streep – Comet, Toy Poodle
Kelly Osbourne – Noodles, Miniature Poodle
Gwen Stefani – Winston, Toy Poodle
Kate Hudson – Clara, Toy Poodle
Jake Gyllenhaal – Atticus, Toy Poodle
Uma Thurman – Pearl, Miniature Poodle
Audrey Hepburn – Mr. Famous, Standard Poodle
Joan Rivers – Spike, Miniature Poodle
Kim Kardashian – Sushi, Teacup Poodle
Jane Lynch – Olivia, Standard Poodle
Oprah Winfrey – Sophie, Standard Poodle
Betty White – Panda, Toy Poodle
Anderson Cooper – Molly, Toy Poodle
Halle Berry – Jackson, Standard Poodle
Jessica Chastain – Chaplin, Toy Poodle
Jennifer Garner – Birdie, Toy Poodle
Adam Levine – Charlie, Toy Poodle
Bruce Weber – Jem, Toy Poodle
Rachael Ray – Isaboo, Standard Poodle
Sofia Vergara – Baguette, Toy Poodle
Sarah Jessica Parker – James, Standard Poodle
Sia – Pantera, Miniature Poodle
Bette Midler – Bella, Toy Poodle
Betty Boop – Pudgy, Standard Poodle
David Bowie – Toy, Toy Poodle
Doris Day – Jelly Bean, Toy Poodle
Elton John – Arthur, Toy Poodle
Jane Goodall – Rusty, Toy Poodle
Martha Plimpton – Ruby, Standard Poodle
Michael J. Fox – Gus, Miniature Poodle
Ringo Starr – Sam, Toy Poodle
Tommy Hilfiger – Ginny, Standard Poodle

Poodles are a popular breed among celebrities for good reason. They are intelligent, elegant, and make great companions. Whether named after literary characters, famous people, or given quirky, unique names, these dogs hold a special place in their owners’ hearts.

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