50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Pekingese (with Names)

Pekingese are a small, affectionate breed known for their regal appearance and charming personality. Here are 50 celebrities who own Pekingese, along with their names:

Adele – Louie
Al Roker – Pepper
Anderson Cooper – Molly
Ashley Olsen – Hattie
Barbara Eden – Cookie
Betty White – Pontiac
Billie Eilish – Shark
Billy Joel – Duke
Bob Hope – Charlie
Brooke Shields – Mouse
Candace Cameron Bure – Boris
Carmen Electra – Keiko
Carol Burnett – Lucy
Celine Dion – Micro
Charlize Theron – Delilah
Christina Ricci – Karen
Dolly Parton – Popeye
Doris Day – Baby
Elizabeth Taylor – Sugar
Ellen DeGeneres – Augie
Elvis Presley – Getlow
Gigi Hadid – Cleo
Halle Berry – Simba
Henry Winkler – Charlotte
Hilary Duff – Momo
Jackie Kennedy Onassis – The Dog
James Dean – Marcus
Jamie Lee Curtis – Scarlett
Jayne Mansfield – Pinkie
Joan Collins – Sam
Johnny Depp – Mo
Kirsten Dunst – Tazzy
Lady Gaga – Asia
Madonna – Booga
Maria Menounos – Benjamin
Mariah Carey – The Good Reverend Pow Jackson
Martha Stewart – Genghis Khan
Mickey Rooney – Tony
Paris Hilton – Tinkerbell
Paul McCartney – Puggy
Reese Witherspoon – Minnie Pearl
Ryan Gosling – George
Sarah Jessica Parker – Samantha
Sharon Stone – Bandit
Sophia Loren – Olivia
Taylor Swift – Tate
Tina Turner – Ike
Victoria Beckham – Scarlett
Zooey Deschanel – Dot
Oprah Winfrey – Solomon

From classic names to more unique choices, these Pekingese names reflect the personalities of their famous owners. Pekingese are known for their loyalty and charming personality, making them great companions. With their distinctive appearance and regal bearing, it’s no wonder why so many celebrities choose to own this unique breed.

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