50 Celebrities and Their Beloved Chihuahuas (with Names)

Chihuahuas are small, adorable dogs that are beloved by many. They are often seen as the quintessential purse dog, and many celebrities have fallen in love with them. Here are 50 celebrities who own Chihuahuas along with their names:

Paris Hilton – Tinkerbell
Britney Spears – Bit-Bit
Reese Witherspoon – Coco Chanel
Jennifer Love Hewitt – Mona
Madonna – Chiquita
Mickey Rourke – Jaws
Paula Abdul – Thumbelina
Miley Cyrus – Sophie
George Lopez – Owen
Hilary Duff – Lola
Christina Aguilera – Coco
Ashley Tisdale – Maui
Tori Spelling – Mimi LaRue
Kelly Osbourne – Polly
Demi Moore – Vida Blue
Jamie Lee Curtis – Tallulah
Miranda Lambert – Cher
Blake Lively – Penny
Katherine Heigl – Gertie
Charlize Theron – Delilah
Mariah Carey – Jackie Lambchops
Vanessa Hudgens – Darla
Paula Deen – Tilly
Geri Halliwell – Harry
Alyssa Milano – Diesel
Rosario Dawson – Toto
Avril Lavigne – Sam
Lisa Vanderpump – Giggy
Carmen Electra – Paris
Paris Jackson – Koa
Kelly Rowland – Mocha
Amanda Seyfried – Finn
Ellen DeGeneres – Augie
Jennifer Lopez – Coco
George Takei – Archie
Britney Spears – Lacy Loo
Sharon Osbourne – Minnie
Leah Remini – Angel
Perez Hilton – Teddy Hilton
Reese Witherspoon – Pepper
Denise Richards – Shorty
Katie Price – Precious
Hayden Panettiere – Madison
Miranda Cosgrove – Pearl
Jeremy Renner – Franklin
Tori Amos – Pip
Kelly Clarkson – Joplin
Paris Hilton – Diamond Baby
Kate Beckinsale – Myf
Hilary Duff – Coco Chanel

These Chihuahuas have a wide range of names, from classic to creative, but all of them are beloved by their celebrity owners. Whether they are a fashion accessory or a loyal companion, Chihuahuas are always adorable and charming.

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