16 Realities That New Beagle Owners Must Accept

Beagle instantly conquers with its remarkable charm. A dog’s hazel eyes look straight into the soul, especially if the animal intends to beg a tidbit from you. The charming look of the fidget is in perfect harmony with his character, so do not expect meekness and calmness from the beagle. Despite the moderately short legs, the dog can reach high speed when chasing a pigeon or a neighbor’s cat. Bigley’s are by nature very active. There is no better entertainment for this breed than a walk in a city park. Bring a frisbee or a tennis ball with you – and there will be no limit to your dog’s happiness.

Beagle constantly needs company and therefore does not tolerate loneliness.

Representatives of the breed are endowed with quick-wittedness and flexible intelligence – and all this is combined with stubbornness.

The dog is always energetic and cheerful, loves to run and frolic in the fresh air.

The main problem of beagles is their loud barking, so be prepared for possible quarrels with your neighbors.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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