15+ Historical Facts About Chihuahua Dogs You Might Not Know

Stories about the origin of the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of Chihuahua dogs given to the world by the ancient land of the Aztecs, according to another origin it is associated with the development of the ancient Indian tribes of the Toltecs and the Mayan civilization, according to the third – connected by the homeland of the Chihuahua. with China, Japan, the island of Malta, and even the space origin of the Chihuahua.

One way or another, the history of the Chihuahua goes back to ancient times.

#1 It is believed that Chihuahua-like dogs appeared around the third millennium BC in the territory of modern Mexico.

#2 Numerous clay figurines and wall paintings of Chihuahuas found by archaeologists in Mexican temples, Chihuahua drawings on ancient vessels recovered from tombs.

#3 During excavations of ancient burials, small canine skeletons were found, with a characteristic fontanel on the skull, on which were collars with precious stones.

The name of the breed comes from the province of the same name in northern Mexico, where modern Chihuahuas were first discovered.

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