15+ Historical Facts About Anatolian Shepherds You Might Not Know

For many people, a dog is not just a tamed animal, but a real friend. A representative of the Turkish Kangal breed can become such a friend. Such animals differ in some features that are not inherent in any other dog. So, for example, they have strong protective instincts and are also loyal to their master.

#1 Kangal is one of the most ancient breeds.

It was these huge, loyal, powerful dogs that were one of the first who began to serve faithfully to man, protecting homes, livestock, and the lives of family members from wild animals and from intruders.

#2 The formation of the breed took place over millennia. At first, nature itself kept only the strongest Kangals alive.

#3 When the owners began to seriously engage in breeding work, breeding Kangal Karabash in their possessions, a serious selection began.

The largest, most powerful, fearless dogs were used as producers. Breeders focused primarily on growth and watchdog ability.

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