15+ Historical Facts About Cane Corso Dogs You Might Not Know

Even 30 years ago, the breed was considered almost extinct, and its triumphant return began at the end of the twentieth century. Cane Corso received a “start in life” from the Cynological Federation International (FCI).

#1 The first mentions of mastiff-like dogs are found in Chinese literature: in 1121 BC, the Chinese emperor received a molossus, trained to catch people, as a gift from the Tibetan ruler.

#2 The word “Corso” appeared in literature at the beginning of the 16th century and was associated with a strong, courageous dog, suitable for protection and hunting.

#3 The Mantovanian Teofilo Folengo (1491-1544), describing in his works the deadly fights of mighty dogs with bears and lions, gave the dog the first name – “Corso”.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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