14+ Pics That Show Vizslas Are The Best Dogs

The Hungarian Vizsla is a slim, athletic dog with a narrow head and long neck. The head is in proportion to the body, the skull is wide, slightly rounded. The ears are long, with rounded tips, drooping and V-shaped. The limbs are long, the chest is voluminous, the abdominal cavity is pronounced. The tail is medium, the coat is short. The color includes shades of reddish-golden.

#1 The ideal host for a Hungarian cop is a sporty and cheerful person, and even better – a hunter.

#2 Dogs do not like to laze around: for them an active walk is more attractive than a long sleep on the couch.

#3 Developed intelligence literally “obliges” animals to resort to daily mental and physical stress.

Hungarian vizsla will not approve of walking just for peeing.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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