14+ Pics That Show Brussels Griffons Are The Best Dogs

Representatives of this breed give the impression of lively and resolute dogs with intelligent gaze, shiny eyes. The characteristic amusement of the Brussels Griffon comes from its combination of self-confident expression and diminutive size. A quick and smart baby easily enters the family without creating conflicts with other pets and children. The Brussels Griffon is always ready to communicate, but will not tire you with obsessive behavior.

#1 Representatives of the breed look like stern and unsociable bearded men, but with closer communication with them, it is easy to understand that the first impression is still deceiving.

#2 Brussels Griffons are energetic and sociable dogs that love to be the center of attention.

#3 Four-legged people from Brussels tend to support any, even the most extravagant idea.

A spontaneous trip to the riverbank in the early morning? All paws for! An unexpected trip to the ends of the world? Better! No matter how tired and sleepy the "Brussels" maybe, he will not grumble in response to an offer to spend time actively and will find strength for a long-awaited walk.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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